The recruitment platform for online career events.

VidCareer is a recruitment platform, connecting small businesses with potential candidates through the power of online career events.

Our aim is to provide a simple solution to help talented individuals and employers get to know each other before starting the recruitment process, through video meetings, webinars and live Q&A sessions.


Looking to start a new career? Sign up here and start your job search today. Create a profile to demonstrate your skills and experience to employers.

Browse the list of scheduled webinars and Q&A sessions, and attend events hosted by employers of your choice. Gain a greater understanding of the company you are applying for and improve your chances of application success.


Need to fill a vacancy or hiring for a graduate scheme? Join VidCareer and find your perfect hire fast. Host informative webinars and Q&A sessions to interact directly with potential candidates.

Instantly promote your brand to targeted individuals from a large talent pool without the high cost of career fairs or recruitment agencies.

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